Beginner's Guide or Lazy Man's Guide to the Ten Cent Superfecta  

Here is one way to play the Superfecta without the Racing Form, without studying, and minimizing losses.  It is a combination of some judgment coupled with luck.  At the same time, you could make some money.

You must be willing to bet $12 per race by boxing five horses no matter how many horses are in the race.  I have bet all five in a five-horse race and doubled my money.

Find a track that offers the Ten Cent Superfecta.  Using a cheaper race track is better, but it really doesn’t matter.

Here are the rules:

        1.       Start with the five lowest morning line favorites.

        2.       Monitor the odds on all the horses and substitute horses where the present odds are lower than the morning line.  In other words, try to package the favorites with the horses taking the money.  This is particularly critical in maiden races at cheap tracks.  Remember that it doesn’t take much money to move the odds at cheap tracks.

        3.       Look at the other horses in the race particularly at the trainer and the jockey to see if you can substitute a longer priced horse for any of the current horses.  If not, don’t be afraid to bet all five of the shortest odds horses.

        4.       Bet only after less than five minutes to post.  Less time is better continuing to monitor how the money is flowing and making any final changes.

That’s it.

Note that the prices paid vary around $18 to $50 generally depending on the number of horses in a race.  I have hit for $177, 150, and $100 twice over the last couple of days.  I have also hit for $7.  Doesn’t seem fair to hit the Superfecta and lose $5.

The method allows you to sit back and relax while having some action and possibly picking up some money.  It is a good way to keep beginners and others interested as it combines some skill with lottery-like chance.  While it sounds difficult to hit the four horses, you will be surprised at how many times you win.

Have fun!

Mr. X